Artist Statement

"Will You Still Love Me?" 48 x 36 Mixed Media by Heather Shirin

"Will You Still Love Me?" 48 x 36 Mixed Media by Heather Shirin

My current series focuses on portraits of women, featured in a quiet and reflective way. I am exploring relationships that women have with other women - the closeness between sisters, mothers, lovers and best friends. I capture the vulnerability, strength and romance that women share when together - using materials that define their beauty and presence.

I start with a reference photoshoot using models and friends. Then I paint directly onto the raw wood of the solid birch panels. I use acrylic paints much like a watercolors - soaking right into the wood itself to bring the women to life. The wood grain shines through their thinly painted skin tones, adding visual interest. Various fine art papers are used to depict clothing, and elements such as gold leaf and metallic paint are incorporated. Many of my pieces are highly reflective and have a very rich appearance. These intricate designs add texture and depth to the work, creating an exquisite modern Art Nouveau portrait. 

"Her current pieces are a gorgeous amalgamation of her creative minds-eye and innovative use of mixed media and color, resulting in a fascinating display, capturing the warmth, charm and beauty of the feminine mystique."

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