What should be for sale?

I am questioning a new painting I did of me and my boyfriend. It was done with many layers of paper first collaged to a 20" x 20" canvas.

The next day I used some vine charcoal to create shapes, and started a cartoon like self portrait. Then I added Paul. Then stars and a heart. The pieced turns out to be super cute, and would make a great greeting or love card. I loved using buttons on our clothing.

Should I post it up online to sell? Or should I keep it just for us?

I am battling the idea of commercial creations vs. just for fun. Selling things online made me nervous. What if no one likes my work? What if I fail? What if's are hard to deal with, and they happen all the time!

Mostly I am looking forward to Spring, getting outside and celebrating life once again, but right now the forecast is snow, and negative one degree tonight. I gotta run errands too to get ready for the workshop on Saturday.

I'm also working on a new website HeatherShirin.com dedicated to just me. I can do what ever I want with a website? Can I actually get away with keeping website just one word? lol. HeatherShirin.com will be all about me. Am I more than just an artist and designer? Maybe I'll post my poetry! Maybe I'll do something different like post photos of my family....should be a new adventure either way.

Til soon - Make Something Beautiful,

Heather Shirin