Our Move to Asheville, NC

So, it's been almost a year and a half since I last posted! Time has flown by, and we have changed our lives completely. We moved to Asheville, NC last August. I landed a new job, at the same time we got engaged in Time Square. It's been a crazy year indeed.  I've gotten my artwork into The Kress Emporium, and at The Woolworth Walk, both downtown Asheville. 

Paul has also started a guitar building company, Laurelwood Guitars and is about to start creating new instruments this Summer. We are getting married this Fall, so planning this is also taking up a fair amount of time, energy and money!

I am currently redesigning my HeatherShirin.com website as well. I'm excited about new tags that I created last night and hung up this afternoon. The wood reproductions are coming along as well. Lookinf forward to the Summer tourists that come thru town.

Make something Beautiful,