Time to paint, time to relax?

Today I am tired, and frustrated. Time is wasting away and I have not been able to start the wood panel my husband bought for my birthday, 3 months ago. 3 months! How can this be? I cried with joy when I first saw the panel. Its been resting, waiting quietly for me. The other night, at midnight I was up late sketching onto it with my new projector. I hated my sketch blown up! Now, I have to bring the 4' x 5' heavy panel outside to sand, ....another week? Two weeks? Before I can get to sanding it??? I feel like collaging it would be faster and more fun anyways. I was so pumped for it, now, sad.

I sigh with the lack of time I have. This Friday, my "painting day" is a meeting with a gallery, a dietician, and finally a back x-ray looking for RA in my spine! Again, no painting for me. I know Saturday is the LAAF festival, the AppleFest in Hendersonville on Sunday, and the free Asheville Symphony Orchester on Labor Day. Maybe I can paint then? Labor Day? The day to rest? or is it labor day, for laboring?

I need a joke, something to lift my spirits from this dull, aching carpol tunnel kind of a day....

Heather, and avant-garde painter got married.
Someone asked her husband a few weeks after the wedding, "How's married life, Paul?"
"It's great," he answered. "My wife paints, I cook; then we try to guess what she
painted and what I cooked."