New Series - Quiet Reflections- Mixed Media Wood Panels

I've been working full time as an artist since January 16th 2012. It's been quite the adventure already. Just this past weekend I hung a solo show at Adorn Salon and Boutique downtown Asheville. I'm starting my fifth large wood panel Thursday (the large panel I wrote about in August!), as tomorrow I am doing my weekly volenteering work at the Asheville Museum of Art.

I wanted to share with you my latest paining. I am calling it "There is no reason why" since with the death of my kitten Totoro, I have been asking this question... and the only answer is, there is no reason why he was in my life for only 5 months and died from a virus. There is no reason, just life. This piece reminded me of the afternoons I have spent gazing towards his grave in our backyard, missing him.