Art Nouveau Portrait Class Overview

Alphonse MuchaArt Nouveau Portrait Class -  April 2013

Learn more about how Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt worked on their famous Art Nouveau portraits of women. A review of the body of work that these two artists developed will be discussed, and an indepth look at the materials and techniques.

Alphonse Mucha was a Czech illustrator who, together with the work of several other luminaries like Gustav Klimt, came to be known as the movement of Art Noveau. Mucha painted in a very graphic, decorative style, with color palettes that were very often subdued, and used thick, bold lines to highlight his subject of interest.  Kilmt also used women regularly in his work, with highly decorative styles which usually incorporated gold leaf.  The designs of these artists combine geometric patterning with dramatic female figures whose impact is heightened by the way they emerge from or blend with that pattern. 

The class will learn how to incorporate gold and silver leaf on to their work surfaces. Working on wood panels are recommended for this class, but techniques can also be performed with watercolors on coldpress paper.  Techniques such as projecting photos will be demonstrated, as well as how to develop graphical designs within photoshop before attempting to transfer designs onto the working surface.

Materials to bring: soft and mechanical pencils, erasers, "Amercian Easel" 20" x 12" birch panel, acrylic paint, brushes, photographs (please bring a very good photo of a portrait to project during class). Package of Craft gold leaf, a pair of flat headed tweezers or sugar cube tongs. Metallic acrylic paint is also highly recommended.

Gold Leaf adhesive, Gold Leafing Cloth, and Gold Leaf Sealant will be provided. Classes held at the 310 Art Gallery, 191 Lyman St, Asheville NC.