'Beaus Bend' Photo Into "Will You Still Love Me?"

I had the pleasure of using Heather Evans Smith Photo entitled "Beaus Bend" - and turn it into a mixed media painting.

"I want my photographs to tell stories. And I want stories that come from moments of life, like a still from an old movie. Movement and pain and the simple joys of being alive are frozen in time. Only a glance is needed to read the lines between people and find the story."  

Heather Evans Smith is an award winning fine art and conceptual portrait photographer based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Her work captures both the everyday and the whimsical, telling stories of women and struggle, reality and the surreal.

Smith’s work has been featured in solo and joint exhibitions, magazines, literary journals and online publications. She conducts creativity workshops around the country. She will be part of a Group Exhibition for the Julia Margaret Cameron Awardees Women Photographers Biennial in Paris, France this September and is having a solo show ay the Golden Belt Gallery in Durham NC, this October. Here is her original photo Beaus Bend:

Heather Evans Smith Copyright 2013

Below is my painting entitled "Will You Still Love Me?" Made with acrylic paint, silver metallic paint, and fine art paper. The image is very haunting and romantic. The title of the piece is lyrics from the Great Gatsby movie soundtrack by Lena Del Ray's "Young and Beautiful".  I was going to name the painting "Will you still love me when I no longer young and beautiful"? but my adorable husband said, its kinda long...how about just "Will You Still Love Me?" and I said, yeah, you're right. So he named this piece - which is fitting since I know he will still love me when all I have is this painting and my aching soul :)

Heather Evans Smith was so kind to allow me to paint her own art directed photo. I want to hire her to do a portrait of me, so I am dreaming up an amazing photoshoot.  My painting is so intense because the original photo was so good to begin with. "Will You Still Love Me?" is availalble for purchase, so please contact me for details.


Will You Still Love Me? 48 x 36 by Heather Shirin