Artful Blogging

I've been snowed in for an eternity. This mountain in Asheville, NC does not get plowed. ever.

It does promote beautiful inspiring sunsets, coupled with Wintery dawns and sometimes even a black bear. It promotes Winter days in the studio, creating. Thinking. Making trips to Barnes and Nobles before we get snowed in. again. This time, I decided to grab the latest issue of Artful Blogging. I was trying to get thru another week of snow days, but this time, I read it cover to cover. Inspired by the word "Authentic" in one article, I wanted to share that I feel a sense that 2011 will be a truely authentic year.

This year, post wedding, now has a new name and a new game.  The renewed sense of quirky self. Striped knee highs, funky custom skirts and a powerful new cool-ass Asheville haircut. I'm going strawberry next month, something I've always wanted to do, but here, now, finally makes sense. Maroon streaks are in my forecast! February I learn how to take care of backyard chickens... By April I hope to be moving into my first home! The glorious month of May might hold my second Mixed Media workshop here, that is in the works! My mom and sister are planning their first visit too. (I'll have been here almost 2 full years by then). I have settled, and become more me....

Yesterday I proudly wore plaid socks, a poka doted butterfly skirt with a striped shirt. I felt like Einstein in a coffee shop. Proudly being myself, finally.

I love living here in the mountains, snowed in and all. I moved 900 miles South to get away from the snow, and now, I worry more about falling off the side of the road on the way down on my ice luge of a road, and find myself snowed in for the first, third, eighth time this year already.

Here's to being authentic, true to one's self, to original artwork that makes your soul sing. To new friends, to old ones and to being proud of who you are - poka dots and all.

a sketch of my new knee highs