Dreamwork Series

I started a new chapter in my life - the Summer of 2016. So much change is happening. I fell in love with using wood stain on my latest works and decided to name the series after the model, Danielle Miller, the talented designer who owns and operates The Royal Peasantry downtown Asheville NC. She took this photo of herself, and I transformed it into this piece "Dreamwork" as it is work to reach your dreams.



Women Painting Women Exhibit at Principle Gallery

Women Painting Women

Tossed and Turned by Daryl Zang

Tossed and Turned by Daryl Zang

In 2009, artists Alia El-Bermani, Diane Feissel and Sadie Valeri co-founded the blog entitled Women Painting Women. The concept came out of an online discussion detailing how contemporary women artists handle the female figure as a subject. Inspired by these discussions but failing to find a comprehensive online resource cataloguing the work of such artists, the site was started as a way of highlighting underrepresented female artists actively portraying female subjects in the figurative tradition. Since then, Women Painting Women has featured, on the blog, the work of more than 340 figurative painters from around the world and has helped to organize eight exhibitions in galleries in the US and UK.  These efforts continue this year as Principle Gallery in Charleston, SC hosts the 2014 Women Painting Women Juried Exhibition.