Heather Shirin Fine Art

'The Unwritten Lyrics' Solo Show at 2 Rules Fine Art, Marietta GA

'The Unwritten Lyrics' Solo Show at 2 Rules Fine Art, Marietta GA

Heather Shirin creates Art Nouveau inspired portraits of women on birch panels using mixed media. Her work has a wonderful vintage feel, incorporating gold leaf, metallic paint and fine art papers, making these mixed media pieces simply stunning. She is having a solo show in October 2014 at Delurk Gallery in Winston Salem NC.

Described by onlookers as "luminous, intimate, and emotive", Heather Shirin’s mixed media portraits are reminiscent of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha. “As if those two were to collaborate,” Heather adds. In Italian, “dolce far niente” means “pleasant idleness” and these female portraits emit contagiously calm vibes writes The Laurel of Asheville.

The two series "Playing Love" and "Dolce Far Niente" are portraits of Art Noveau Women. The 'Playing Love' series focuses on capturing the beauty of Art Nouveau, and the 'Dolce Far Niente', on the 'Art of doing nothing'...simply relaxing and being still. Her newest series "The Unwritten Lyrics" will be focusing on reaching deeper into abstracting the women into the backgrounds within her art nouveau portraits.

Heather Shirin uses fine art papers, various metal leaf, metallic paint and other mixed media to create beautiful layers for the hair, clothing and design elements within the backgrounds. 

Please contact Heather for more information or to visit her studio in Mills River, NC.