Yes! Weekly Magazine covers "Keeping You Inside" show at Delurk Gallery  2014.

Dolce Far Nitente Show -  The Laurel Of Asheville, December 2012.

Download PDF of Laurel Dolce Far Niente Article PDF.

The Tangerine Ball - The Laurel of Asheville, September 2012.

Collaberation with Kitty Love, Executive Director of the Asheville Area Arts Council for "I Will Rise" 60 x 30"

Mixed Media painting for Arts Council's Annual Fundraiser, The Tangerine Ball, Asheville 2012. 

The Dream Collective - Article on Heather Shirin

Charlotte Talent Magazine Article on Heather Shirin

True Blue Art Supply hosted a solo show for Heather Shirin - For their "Artist of the Month" gallery showcase.

Cloth Paper Siscors Magazine Review of Mixed Media Paintings by Heather Shirin review of the Children's Book Heather Shirin Illustrated

Two Models are done up with a mask and body paints to be a live version of "I Will Rise" by Heather Shirin, September 15th, 2012 Artwork signed H.Shirin